Bold Window Seats

Over the past couple of months, I have collaborated with a team on a commercial project.  The space consists of two large bay windows at the store front, and our design plan incorporates built-in banquette seating to serve as a major function for the business.  Our client specifically asked for “no pillows,” which we will adhere to, however, I can’t help but admire beautiful, bold window seats elsewhere.

This dining area has 3 huge windows which makes for such a cheery, warm, sun-filled kitchen.  Kim Stockwell of KDSDesign in Boston, uses bold, bright colors between the 3 orange Ikea chairs and the Marimekko oil cloth fabric on the seat cushion.  5 pillows in 3 different patterns create visual interest with the odd numbers.

photo by Michael J. Lee


Katie Rosenfeld‘s window seat is crisp and clean.  I love how balanced the asymmetry is.  The single window is off-centered in the arched setting, and yet the grouping of odd-numbered pillows (3 of which are the Schumacher Chevron) in alternating 3 fabrics, are flanked to the right, perfectly balancing the vignette.   Katie is a talented designer and residential art consultant.  She authors the blog, Bogle Street, which aims to take essential every-day design themes and break them down into easy, accessible, relatable elements for her readers.  What’s even more interesting is that while we live in the same city, Katie and I have never met (or so we think) and just discovered that we both 1) went to the same university, 2) double majored in Art History and 3) graduated in the same class!  I love that the blogosphere brought me full circle to someone I probably sat in the same lecture halls with, whose acquaintance I never had the opportunity to make.

This “Secret Garden” bedroom, designed by Samantha Friedman, was featured at the DC Design House last month and discussed here by Jean from The Painted Room.  Pillows and butterflies exist (in another example of odd numbers) amongst the pop of green grass and the playful swing.


photos courtesy of KDSDesign, Michael J. Lee Photography, Katie Rosenfeld Design, Painted Room

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