Thick Skin: The Good, The Bad, The Ugly

Every once in a while, when you look at life through rose-covered glasses, you get a kick in the ass.  With the good, comes the bad, and eventually the downright ugly.  Our economic environment is tough and yet we try to survive and find the good, the hope…and strive for success and happiness.  We try to play nice and be kind, but some unpleasant things can happen which is a reminder that we need a thick skin!

Kind of like these 3 crocodile clutches (mind you, none of these are bad or ugly):  

 Clockwise from top:  Lauren Merkin (orange), Nancy Gonzalez (teal),  Jalda (gold).

If you are having a week like mine – wallpaper issue, missed client opportunity, sick kids, a friend’s tragedy – pull out that thick skin, be strong and push forward.

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