PaintSquare’s Threes

I found this piece of art called, “Rustic Modern Number Three,” by PaintSquare on Etsy.  It is the essence of the style of design that I love.

PaintSquare starts with a color combination and then uses individually cut strips of wood to create three-dimensional sculptural panels.  Their wood sculpture art is unique, simple, modern, rustic, abstract and original.  Here are more of their “threes“:

The cool blues and greens are modern, yet calming.

Did you spot the balls in panel #1 and #3?

The horizontal composition and pops of red in this group of three is eye-catching.


In contrast to the cool whites of “Modern Rustic Number Three,” this “Number 3” is comprised of reclaimed wood pieces cemented together to make a flat surface and has been layered with multiple colors of reds, blues, oranges, greens, yellows, grays and white with a large navy number 3.

PaintSquare was a featured seller on Etsy just last month (March 2011).  To read their interview on the Etsy Blog go here, and you’ll see a bunch of cool photos of their studio and their process.  To keep up with PaintSquare’s latest, follow them on Facebook.

all images courtesy of paintsquare

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