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Thank You Multiples and More!

Posted by Cecilia Walker on

I want to say “thank you” to Amanda @ Multiples & More blog for featuring my family (here).  While the name of my blog is called, Everything in 3s, I’ve purposely refrained from sharing stories of our everyday life as a family with multiples.  Our girls, the triplets, have changed everything that we do in life, and it seems as though my world is ruled by “threes”.  Once in a while, I’ll mention my children here on the blog as a life story relates to design in some way, but otherwise the focus of Everything in 3s is solely on the occurence of “threes” in fashion, interior design and lifestyle.

Multiples & More is a great community for families with multiples, and I am so honored to have been mentioned.  I am grateful that the internet and some wonderful parents of multiples were able to (and continue to) help guide us through our busy lives.  If my experiences can help another family, then I’ll feel happy that I am able to give back.  (So, I’ll save my grocery store struggles, with 3 toddlers fighting for seats in shopping carts, for discussion over there!)

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