Up Close with Gretchen Comly

I featured some of Gretchen Comly’s designs the other day, however, had the opportunity to sit and spend some time with her at her trunk show.  Gretchen is well-traveled and has lived all over the world.  It was so interesting to hear what inspired each of the pieces in her collection, whether from her experiences abroad in Asia, London, Paris;  or taking cues from colors and trends from Balenciaga for a neon necklace in her Scarab collection;  and then learning about the stones and materials she sources.  Each design is developed with much thought and crafted beautifully by her artisans with such quality.

Having worked in the fashion industry, there is definitely something that “clicks” between industry colleagues, though designer persona aside, Gretchen is an unbelievable individual (and a fantastic mother).  I first met her 2 years ago, but having had more time to talk with her the other day, I found Gretchen to be one of those people that makes you say, “wow,” and know that good things lie in her path ahead.

Above:  beautiful big earrings, croc cuff in gray, horn necklace

photo by ei3s

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