Clever Cool Cases

Here are 3 great designs for different types of electronic device cases:

The iPad Etch-A-Sketch case!  Definitely warrants the double-take.  The company responsible for the design (and license with Ohio Art), Headcase™, makes its main goal “to squeeze the most fun and the most function out of every product” they design.  Their tag line for this case is, “Be the coolest kid in the conference room,” and they give you 3 reasons to buy:  it’s fun, durable and cool.  The back is cleverly designed – it looks like the bottom of an Etch-A-Sketch, with a cut-out hole to display the Apple.

LightWedge LLC, the maker of the innovative LightWedge book light, has a line of e-reader covers called The Verso™ Artist Series.  Several e-cover designs feature the artwork of a select group of passionate artists and a portion of the proceeds are given back to support their efforts.

When I sat down with Jamey Bennett, founder of LightWedge, to preview his Artist Series line, this e-cover, called Urban Calligraphy by Sisters Gulassa, caught my attention first.  I love the pink color;  the story behind the two sisters, Lise and Cyrille, traveling across half the world to collaborate on design; and was drawn to the Anya Hindmarch-esque “bow” in the center.  These universal covers fit: Kindle 3, Kobo, Nook, Sony Daily and Touch Readers, as well as some 7″ tablets.

This next case is on my list, as I hold out for the next generation iPhone (the iPhone 5).  It’s biodegradable!!

This happens to be an iPhone 4 case (but the company Innovez makes models for the iPhone 3G/3GS as well).  I love the unique recycle (arrow) design which is made of polished recycled aluminum.   Not only is the case biodegradable, but also ergonomically designed to embrace the form of your hand.  The cases come in an array of transparent colors and have a purpose:  to protect, sustain and inspire.  To learn more and purchase, visit here.

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