3 F’s – Fashion, Form, Function: Stylish SPF 50 Sunwear

(or should I say, The 3 S’s)

Our family spent Saturday Spring skiing and even in 40 degree weather, everyone came home with a sunburn!  Sunblock was the last thing on our minds, as almost every inch of our bodies were covered – even with helmets and goggles, the fairest (of us all) ended the day with red splotchy faces.

As we approach Spring and Summer, sunblock becomes part of our daily ritual.  It’s hard to believe that some of us used to lather on baby oil and bask in the sun!  Hats, cover-ups, big sunglasses come out of our closets, but now women have something to exciting to look forward to!  Fashion, form and function in UPF (Ultraviolet Protection Factor) clothing designed by two friends with an idea that came about from a day on the beach – and we’re not talking rash guards nor athletic looking pieces!

Introducing Mott 50 – a new line of fashion that offers a UPF 50 level of sun protection in every garment (UPF in clothing is equivalent to SPF in sunscreen).  What most people don’t realize is that regular clothing lets in wrinkle-and skin cancer-inducing UVA rays, and that the average white T-shirt only offers about a UPF level of 5.  The fact that 1 in 5 Americans will develop skin cancer over the course of a lifetime, AND that women under the age of 40 are the group with the fastest growing rate of skin cancer diagnoses, is startling.

So take a peek at some of my favorite pieces from the Mott 50 line.

 The Leigh Sundress has great leather detailing on the shirt yoke, at the wrists and in the drawstring-waist tie.  I also love its mandarin collar.

 The dress and tunic prints come in bold, pretty colors and patterns. 

The Dolan Cargo Pant rolls up to capri length and sits amongst an assortment of skirts and jackets in their line of resort wear.

1.  Leigh Sundress, Krueger Hat  2.  Michelle Tunic  3.  Dolan Cargo Pant

Please visit the Mott 50 website to view the full line of Women’s and Men’s apparel as well as Accessories. 

Anne Botica and Monique Moore are the two designers and co-founders of Mott 50.  The company name is derived from the name of the street in New York where they live (and brought the clothing idea to fruition) and the number 50, for the UPF.  Anne and Monique met in college, and both worked for Conde Nast Digital prior to this new venture.  They have a blog if you’d like to learn more about how and why they got started, and follow along as they launch their new company.   Anne and Monique did extensive research and testing to obtain certification from the International UV Testing Laboratory on their fabrics, and as a result, the Mott 50 line is approved by The Skin Cancer Foundation.  In addition, a portion of proceeds are donated to cancer research.

The two women were recently featured in an article in the Miami Herald here.

As you prep your wardrobe for Summer, and think that a regular cover-up over a bathing suit is enough protection…think again!

images courtesy of Mott 50

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