Grief, Gratitude, Greatness

Today marks one week since the tragic earthquake and tsunami in Japan.  The other night, I was watching Anderson Cooper reporting from the wreckage, and a mother – a survivor- was on the screen being interviewed.  As she spoke in her native tongue, a translator voiced-over and explained that this sobbing woman had clung to her daughter during the tsunami, and the force of the water pulled her daughter right out of her arms.  It was the last time this mother saw her daughter, who had not been found.  Tears streamed down my face.  I felt this woman’s grief, and then I felt guilty for becoming overwhelmed with gratitude.  Grateful that my children were asleep in their beds.  It makes me cry even now.

Life gets so busy and so crazed that it takes a tragedy for many (including me) to stop and remember to appreciate and reach out to our loved ones.  Even today, I stopped myself from scolding my children, and just let everyone be.  In thinking about gratitude, I’ve chosen to dedicate this post to spotlight (and not overlook) 3 people who inspire me, and exude “greatness.”

1) My graphic designer, Sheila Igoe.  Sheila, of IgoeCreative, helped me to take an idea and make it a reality.  We met virtually, via a friend of mine, and worked incessantly together into the wee hours for months to create Everything in 3s.  Sheila designed the blog logo, this Ei3s WordPress site, and has been such a source of creative inspiration.  A working relationship and friendship has blossomed!  We finally met face-to-face only a couple of weeks ago!

2)  Holly Becker of Decor8.  I’m currently enrolled in Holly’s Blogging Your Way e-course.  I was a fan of Decor8 even before I started this course, but now, 3 weeks into our class, I have learned so much from Holly and her co-instructor, Leslie Shewring (A Creative Mint).  Much more than the “how-to’s” of blogging, but instead, about the journey you make as you “blog your way.”  Holly’s success story is really quite humble and admirable.  This course has been an invaluable experience – more than I had imagined.  It’s been an insightful process of looking from within and striving for greatness and personal fulfillment.

and finally,

3)  My son.  The great love of my life.  He was our “only child” for 6 years before his triplet sisters arrived.  Those first couple of years with the babies, he spent quite a bit of time being “overlooked,” but has been our little rock-star ever since.  When I started this blog he said to me, “How come it’s called Everything in 3s?  What about me?”  That comment made me consciously involve him in this blog.  We carefully worded the “About” page to include him, and he loves to contribute to my posts.  Last weekend, he really inspired me to overcome my fears.  He and my husband went on a ski-trip up North to a mountain we had never been to before.  Our little guy, had heard from a classmate at school that a trail, called “Goat,” was the most difficult trail in New England.  That was enough to leave him a little hesitant, but curious nonetheless.  When they came home last Sunday, he beamed as he greeted me and his sisters.  He blurted, “Goat was sooo easy!”  He did it!  He skied not only Goat, but the “Front Four” (@ Stowe) .  My husband said our son beat him down that trail.  I am so proud of him!

Is there any one you feel like giving a shout out to?  If so, please mention below and if they have a link please leave it.

One last word on greatness.  I just read this evening that Sandra Bullock donated $1 million to the American Red Cross for Japan’s Earthquake victims.  Read more here.

Sandra, Sheila, Holly and my little guy…you rock!

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