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I crossed paths with Kate Coughlin, of Kate Coughlin Interiors, at the Design Center a couple of weeks ago, and enjoyed learning about her work.

Early in Kate’s career, she had the privilege to work for legendary interior designer, Mark Hampton, followed by a stint as a designer for the renowned Bunny Williams.  To add to her impressive background, Kate had also collaborated with two other designers in a successful business on Beacon Hill (Boston) called The Design Shop, prior to launching her own venture.  She learned about design at an early age, having had a mother who was an antiques dealer and interior designer, and her lifelong influences are evident in her style and talent.

photo by Richard Mandelkorn


This spa bathroom is so serene.  The glass-tiled wall behind the sinks from ceiling to floor is gorgeous, and I love the ceiling lights that look like carved-out ice blocks.  The natural elements – the teak bench, the woven basket and the wood molding underneath the counter top – add a subtle hint of warmth to all the cool colors.  My favorite thing in the bathroom is the modern design of the console unit, with the 3 open cubbies – which sets the base for a visual triangle, leading the eyes up past the 2 sinks and vanity mirrors to the light fixture on the ceiling. 

This family room mantelscape shows a great example of the Rule of Three and Odd Numbers.

photo by Richard Mandelkorn


The vases set on the fireplace mantel total 8 in number.  However, if you categorize the vases by color-type, there are 5 white vases, and 3 grey vases – odd numbers.   The simplicity of the one element (vases) in two spaced-out groupings (color), all in varying heights, forces the eyes to travel and therefore creates interest.  If you’ve been following my blog, you’ll already know how much I love fieldstone fireplaces, but one detail that I think is notable here, is the juxtaposition of the modern form of the polished nickel andirons inside the fireplace against the rustic, natural stones.

There is nothing to decipher in this next photo.  Just pure relaxing bliss…in the 3 teak lounge chairs.

photo by Richard Mandelkorn


No reason to leave home with a work-out facility and indoor pool like that!

To view more of Kate’s portfolio, please visit her website here.

photos ©Richard Mandelkorn Photography courtesy of Kate Coughlin Interiors with permission from Richard Mandelkorn for use in Ei3s blog only

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