My March Madness

While I do love the excitement that revolves around the NCAA Basketball tournament, MY March “madness” stems from these upcoming 3 new interior design book releases!

1.  Undecorate:  The No-Rules Approach to Interior Design by Dwell Studio founder, Christiane Lemieux, is due out on March 8, 2011.  Not only am I a fan of Dwell Studio, but the book cover is also a huge SELL for me:  the 3 watercolor prints, just slightly set off-center from one another;  the white-washed, weathered paneled walls;  and the soft muted colors of the curtains, upholstery and rug.

Oddly enough, the next book on my list is titled, just the opposite.

2.  Decorate, by Decor8 blog founder and editor, Holly Becker, and Joanna Copestick.  Actually, the UK version of this book will be released in March.  We in the U.S. have to wait until May!  Again, I love the interior photographed on the cover with its rustic elements, contrasting color and simple design (…and the little “threes” grouping of white flower-filled vases on the fireplace hearth).

3.  Pale & Interesting, by Atlanta Bartlett and Dave Coote.  The title, a bit of an oxymoron, in and of itself grabs my attention – a little yin and yang.  The tag line, “decorating with whites, pastels and neutrals for a warm and welcoming home,” sounds right up my alley – calm, soothing accessible interiors.  This book is due out at the end of March.

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