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In the spirit of Valentine’s Day, my posts this week were inspired by the sayings on candy conversation hearts;  “Be Mine” and “I ♥ U.”  Each year, new sayings are added to the 100+ Sweetheart phrases that have been in circulation since 1902, when the candy hearts were first factory-made.  In 2010, Necco (the makers of Sweethearts Conversation Hearts), introduced new flavors (strawberry, green apple, lemon, grape, orange, and blue raspberry) and for the first time in its 145-year history, held an online survey to decide which “love” phrases would appear on the candy hearts.  Amongst the winners, my favorite three sayings:  “You Rock” (of course!),  “Tweet Me,” ” Text Me.”  The other 2010 winners:  “Love Bug,” “Soul Mate,” “Me + You.” 

photo by Jill Dubien


This photo by Jill Dubien of Meet the Dubiens blog, is perfection.  I like the rainbow colors moving up the stack.  Jill has such a cool blog, with really creative Valentine’s ideas including kids’ art, crafts and yummy recipes of “pretty” food.  I LOVE her “Handprint Hearts” art (here)! 

As for “conversation” around the blogosphere, last week was a little nutty for me, but I managed to catch up this week on some of my favorite reads.  There are 3 posts in particular that I wanted to share.  

1)  I loved hearing from Holly @ Decor8 about Kelly Wearstler‘s new blog, My Vibe My Life, here.   

2)  This week, I was anxious to read the last installment (Part 3) of Grace Bonney’s (Design*Sponge) Biz Ladies:  Online Etiquette and Ethics series (as related to Blogging and Social Media), which summarizes her panel discussion at this year’s Alt Design Summit (a design & lifestyle blogging conference).  Part 3 tackled the subjects of Social Media, Collaboration and Contributor Etiquette (see full post here), and was as educational and informative as Parts 1 & 2, which covered Comments (Good and Bad), Copying/Stealing and Credit (here) and Submissions, Sponsorship, Giveaways & Freebies (here) respectively.  

To readers who aren’t bloggers, Grace’s Biz Ladies Series is an amazing resource for women (or anyone, really) starting their own businesses.  Grace is insightful, ethical and gives unbelievably helpful and sound advice to those of you who are contemplating starting your own business, have already started out, or are established businesses in need of marketing, legal and advertising help (just to name a few topics).  I’ve learned so much from her, and am waiting to hear about a potential “Biz Ladies” book?  Stay tuned… 

3) Vanessa, Vanessa, Vanessa.  Back-to-back great posts!  Read here about Sarah Richardson’s show Sarah 101 – Episode 6 Boho Chic Girls’ Rooms (airing currently in Canada, but sadly not yet in the U.S.), and the IDS – Interior Design Show 2011 recap here -which has photos from Sarah and Theo (yes, her brother) Richardson’s “Sibling Revelry” exhibit.  Yes, yes…we know I’m Sarah-obsessed!

I know that I said I wanted to share 3 posts (above), but after I wrote this, I noticed that Jessie Knadler of Rurally Screwed blogged about my sister’s Chai Tea here!   

Good stuff! 

Candy hearts image courtesy of Jill Dubien @ Meet the Dubiens


p.s.  Happy Birthday cousin Jenn!

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