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I ♥ U (Shaped)

Posted by Cecilia Walker on

Unless you have the vision of Vicente Wolf, who can create an asymmetrical furniture arrangement like no other, most stick to a conventional floor plan – U-shaped, L-shaped or angled and perhaps diagonal – around a focal point.  The U-shaped (creating 3 sides) allows for comfortable conversation and eye contact when socializing, but take into consideration the fact that each room differs from the next and every space needs its own evaluation. 

Here are three beautiful living rooms with U-shaped configurations: 

photo by Kevin Dotolo


Interior designer Beth Dotolo, of Pulp Design Studios,  is the talent behind this U-shaped living room.  (Beth had worked on this project as the Principal Designer with Nest Interior Design in Dallas.) I would love to own a pair of Barcelona chairs, never mind four!!  The contrast of whites and darks is so crisp.   The detail of the dark painted french doors (leading outside) in contrast to the white french doors directly opposite in the room,  sets off all of the symmetry and yet balances the room at the same time (look at the shape of the back of the chaise, with its weight to the right). 

photo by Simon Upton


Natural and rustic elements are inherent in Kay Douglass’ interiors and in her South of Market shops.  

photo by J. Savage Gibson


All-in-one U. 

images:  Beth Dotolo living room courtesy of Kevin Dotolo Photography and Nest Interior Design, Kay Douglass living room via House Beautiful and U-Shaped sectional via Coastal Living both courtesy of myhomeideas.com

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