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A Nantucket Clubhouse

Posted by Cecilia Walker on

A stone’s throw away from our current renovation project on Nantucket, is the location of the Great Harbor Yacht Club, the first yacht club constructed on the island in over 100 years.  (Nantucket Yacht Club was established in 1906.)  The Great Harbor Yacht Club sits right along Nantucket Harbor on Washington Street Ext. and has probably the best views of the harbor, its neighboring shores of Monomoy and the peninsula of Coatue, a wildlife refuge.  Its clubhouse was completed in the Summer of 2009 and was modeled after the old Nantucket Steamship building.  The clubhouse’s interiors were designed by Boston interior design firm Gauthier-Stacy, and are nothing short of spectacular in my book.  Here are some of Gauthier-Stacy’s “threes” inside:

I love the scale of the console table, the antique wooden lobster traps that sit on its shelves;  the wire eel traps in “threes” on the wall above; the clean, rustic and nautical decor.

In the ladies’ lounge, the 3 round mirrors (2 vanity mirrors and the convex, porthole mirror) are the focal point of all of the antique and vintage handheld mirrors placed along the panelled wall.  Again, another beautiful rustic console table and chinese stool.

In the dining room, each table has four seats/four place settings (with the exception of the center table) – however 3 different styles of chairs at each table:  the patterned wing chair; the solid brown, tufted chair; the striped back, arm chair with nautical rope trim.  And the use of 3 different fabrics!  I love the contrast of the dark walls – and the rustic element of the post and beam construction (which you can barely see at the top of the photo, the beam from which the fan hangs).

You can see more of the Great Harbor Yacht Club interiors in Gauthier-Stacy’s portfolio.

Too bad, you need a cool six-figures to join the club.  Must buy that lottery ticket.

all photos courtesy of Gauthier-Stacy and Sam Gray Photography

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