The Sarah & Tommy Interview – via 3 Bloggers

Last week, December 15th, to be exact, several Canadian design bloggers were invited to interview Sarah Richardson and Tommy Smythe in their Toronto office to discuss Sarah’s new HGTV show called “Sarah 101” – which begins airing in Canada on January 4th.  I was thrilled to learn about the new show through Vanessa at Decor Happy, and wanted to share photos and bits of  Vanessa’s and two other bloggers’ interview experience.

via Decor Happy

#1  Vanessa @ Decor Happy

Vanessa got to sit right next to Tommy Smythe during the one-hour interview session that the bloggers had in the Sarah Richardson Design offices.  After the group discussion about Sarah 101, Vanessa had the opportunity to interview Tommy one-on-one!  To read Vanessa’s interview and see all of the beautiful photos of the interior office space – which features many of the upholstered pieces from Sarah Richardson’s furniture line – go to her post, “Catching up with…Sarah Richardson and Tommy Smythe.”

via Staci Edwards Blog

#2  Staci @ Staci Edwards Blog

Staci has 10 interior photos of the Sarah Richardson Design offices and gives her readers a “tour” room-by-room with detailed descriptions of the vignettes within the office, some artwork, the office inspiration board and the contents of their gift bags.  Staci also got to ask Sarah a question about whether or not she saw herself starting her own production company, “like Oprah.”  To find out Sarah’s answer, read Staci’s post, “Sarah & Tommy.” 

via The Marion House Book

#3  Emma @ The Marion House Book

Emma has already seen the first episode of Sarah 101 and thinks the show will be invaluable to viewers;  that the lessons Sarah teaches are universal whether or not you like Sarah’s design style;  and admits that she has learned a few tricks from watching Sarah’s shows.  She also has some close-up shots of Sarah during the interview wearing a great pair of red Ferragamo shoes!  To check out Sarah’s rad, red shoes, go to Emma’s post “Sarah & Tommy.”

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