1-0-1: Sarah Richardson’s New Show

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I squealed in delight when I read about Sarah Richardson’s new HGTV show called “Sarah 101” on Decor Happy.  Sarah 101 launches on January 4th in Canada, and as far as I can tell, there is not yet a date for airing in the U.S. – but just to know that we have another Sarah Richardson show to look forward to, is enough excitement for me!  I first discovered Sarah, back when Design, Inc was one of the few “unscripted” TV shows, which revealed her approach to the interior design process, and fell hard – hook, line and sinker!  I’ve been an avid fan of her shows, Sarah’s House and Sarah’s Cottage, ever since.  Her interiors are clean, calm and elegant but modern – and she can pick out a paint color like no other!  So well, in fact, that she has her own paint line, Sarah Richardson Designer Palette for Para Paints, comprised of 75 of her hand-picked colors.  In Sarah 101, Sarah Richardson will help viewer’s solve their design problems with real-life rooms as case studies, focusing on her vision of the building blocks for great design.

Be sure to check back with Vanessa at Decor Happy, as she was lucky enough to be invited to join other design bloggers (yesterday-15th) to interview Sarah Richardson and her sidekick Tommy Smythe.

Thanks Vanessa for the heads up! 

To read Vanessa’s post “Meeting Up With Sarah Richardson and Tommy Smythe” click here.

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