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So, it didn’t snow yet, NOR did I pull the trigger on winter boots.  It’ll be my weekend project…just add it to the list (or in my case, the pile of lists)!  I overheard a lot of conversation today about waiting in long lines at the Post Office (over a half-an-hour, for some), and someone else saying they heard that Fed Ex’s busiest shipping day is this upcoming Monday (though, don’t take that as fact – I’ve already gotten misinformation once this week).  It is in the air…the pressure is ON.  If you haven’t already felt the craziness of the holidays; haven’t had to wait, or circle around in parking lots for a decent space or just A space; haven’t paid for a babysitter just so you could go Christmas shopping, only to find that a store didn’t carry or already sold out of whatever gift you were looking for (and kicked yourself for not ordering online)?  Well then brace yourselves for this weekend, and try not to get frazzled.  Take a moment, wherever you are, find Tadasana (Mountain Pose), take a deep breath – actually make it 3 – and:

jingle kiss revel

Keep Calm Holiday Prints 8×10 found at Etsy.com – 3LambsGraphics shop

p.s.  check out the other modern, inspirational and colorful prints in the shop!  They’d make great gifts.  My personal faves are the Audrey Hepburn quotes.

Have a great weekend!

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