Kate Jackson Design

Kate Jackson is “hailed as one of ‘Rhode Island’s Hottest New Designers’” – and I happen to agree.  Here is an example of her use of “threes”…

photo by Sam Gray

I love the way the 3 hydrangea cubes on the table mimic the gorgeous coral sea fans.

photo by Natalie Manning

Three windows over the bath?!  Besides the fact that I LOVE the simplicity of the two-over-two windows,  look at all of that natural light seeping in! (Not to mention the beautiful arched tongue and groove ceiling).  Imagine soaking in that tub?

photo by Sam Gray

Beyond the pairs of symmetry, this living room is divided into thirds.  Visualize the entire room as a cube and slicing down from both the right and left sides of the window frame, along the length of the sofa, and then again along the left side of the cocktail table.  Balance in thirds.  Also the 3 color themes; chartreuse, deep chocolate brown (walnut/ebony wood; the pony-haired, zebra ottomans; and diamond-patterned pillows) and the off-white/tans…AND the elements of each color in each third of the room.  Even further, actually, you can slice the cube into thirds horizontally the other way (imagine a 3-dimensional tic-tac-toe grid) and the same thing applies;  look at the placement of tans (lampshade; throw pillow on sofa; magazine basket on floor) .  Just brilliant Kate!

photos courtesy of Kate Jackson Design and Sam Gray Photography

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