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Read more about Cecilia’s involvement with the 2012 Junior League of Boston Show House as she documented the process on her blog:

The Site Location and Historic Home | Before Photos | Progress – High Gloss Trim | Design Inspiration & Reveal – Part I | Design Inspiration & Reveal – Part II | Design Inspiration & Reveal – Part III |  35 Favorite Things from the Show House | John Coles’ Wall Mural & Show House Standouts

“In addition to being a fabulous designer, Cecilia Walker has got to be one of the most generous and thoughtful human beings around. She always has a smile and a kind word, and is forever praising those around her while downplaying her own accomplishments. At this year’s Junior League of Boston Show House she took a back hall and, after careful research that included a trip to the library with her children in tow, transformed a commonplace back passageway into a masterpiece. In addition to making this hallway visually appealing she incorporated the building’s history with elements related to the lives of those who had lived in the House over the past 100 years.”

– Angie Foss, Junior League of Boston Designer Committee, Chair | January 18, 2013

Mentioned on the New England Home Magazine Blog