On a recent trip back to her childhood home in Los Angeles, Cecilia was reminded of a time that her mother, an interior designer, had told her she could do anything she wanted to, suggesting that she and her sister use their artistic talents to design fabric someday. Those discussions of “What do you want to do when you grow up?” were dreams that floated from fashion designer to architect. A career in fashion realized, followed by ten years in interior design, and that core question persists.
In 2013, a mentor asked Cecilia if she ever considered designing fabric. At the time, she shrugged off the idea, but echoes of her mother’s voice kept ringing in her head, reminding her that creative growth and the realization of dreams comes from reinventing yourself. The following year she started to sketch again.
This collection is built from Cecilia’s hand drawings and is hand-screen printed on natural fabrics at a family-owned and operated textile mill in the USA using eco-friendly materials, methods and disposal. Her first six patterns draw inspiration from her childhood memories of the California lifestyle: wearing Vans, hanging out at the half pipe, and driving along palm tree-lined boulevards.
Offered in a few colorways per style, she is gradually adding designs to the assortment, including wallpaper. Custom colors are available. The fabric is sold Wholesale and To The Trade Only.
Cecilia has also co-designed a line of textiles with Ashley Garelick for Plankd.
top photo:  Mike Casey, CASEY Photography
bottom photo:  Cecilia Walker