Cecilia believes that your home is your sanctuary and should be comfortable and simple, yet striking.  She likes the idea that each home has a story and showcases your personality — filled with unique items and the things that you love, not bound to formalities.  Her philosophy is to deconstruct unusable space and maximize square footage by transforming it into practical function for her clients’ needs and today’s modern family.  Her vision is calm, uncomplicated interiors grounded in classic pieces with clean lines;  integrating natural textures, and a juxtaposition of rustic and modern.  Cecilia aims to deliver timeless style with furnishings that are made to last; thoughtful of her clients’ lifestyles while employing the consciousness of our carbon footprint.

Cecilia's scope of work has included residential renovations, a commercial retail space, hand-drawn textile design, textile collaborations with furniture vendor and fashion company, and most recently, the launch of a new venture called Plankd.


photo:  Mike Casey, CASEY Photography